10 Skills That Are Hard to Learn But Reward You For Life

Apart from the basic skills, your parents would have taught you when you were younger there is no manual for life and most of us fumble through life and traverse it’s obstacles as we go along.

In theory we know we should be better prepared for anything but in reality, at times we can all feel miserably unequipped to handle the curve balls life throws at us.

With that said here are some skills that are hard to learn but pay dividends throughout your life.

1. Accountability

Most people are good at accepting credit for when things go well but feel victimised when things go bad. It’s important to develop the ability to be accountable for your experiences. They’re often a result of your actions. Instead of feeling victimised, learn from the negative experiences.

2. Critical thinking

This is significantly under-taught in school, but the truth is good critical thinking skills immediately distinguish you from the rest. We have more information at our disposal than ever before. Being able to evaluate that information, sort the potentially valuable from the trivial and analysing it’s relevance is an incredibility useful skill.

3. Decision making

This is what sets apart the doers from the wannabes. The bridge that leads to analysis and action is effective decision making. Knowing how to digest information and quickly make decisions is a powerful skill. Waiting for more information or over analysing can paralyse people from taking any action at all.

4. Research

Nobody can be expected to know everything but you can train yourself to become adept at acquiring knowledge. Learning how to use the internet effectively, leveraging contacts and knowing what type of research will be best for a given situation is a skill that will be of life time value.

5. Writing professionally

There are many reasons why in life you will need to get your written message across clearly and effectively. The manner in which you write conveys more than simply the written word. A well-written cover letter, for example, will earn you respect and get you noticed.

6. Consistency

Consistency is vital to maintaining any kind of success! More people fail in life as a result of not being able to keep on going.

7. Communicating your needs

Your friends, family and co-workers can not read your mind. We all have wants and needs from other people, therefore to maintain a certain level of happiness it is important to learn how to communicate your needs kindly, clearly and at times, repeatedly. It will make you a less bitter person.

8. Knowing when to shut up

It’s human nature to prove that you’re right and as result can lead to a confrontational attitude that doesn’t work in most environments. It can feel good to unload on somebody and let them know how you feel, but not knowing when to do do this can get you into trouble or worse, destroy relationships.

9. Asking for help or advice

Asking for help does not make you look incompetent or weak. There are times when asking for advice is quicker and more effective than doing it alone. Unintuitively, asking for help is usually well received and makes you look more capable because it acknowledges the other person’s intelligence or expertise which makes them feel good.

10. Accepting compliments and criticisms 

We often fail to accept compliments with grace or downplay them and get embarrassed yet we’re sometimes crushed by criticism, even if it’s valid. Learning to say thank you when you get a compliment and learning to view criticism as feedback can serve you well.

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