10 Skills Your Digital Marketer Should Possess

Learning Digital Marketing is tough! There is a lot to know and the learning is perpetual as the industry is ever-changing.

Choosing an inexperienced marketer will almost certainly cost you money as it’s a highly multidisciplined profession and without the prior knowledge of what skills to look out for, most people get burnt, and as a result are turned off by online marketing altogether.

Here at 10 essential skills Digital Marketing Professionals must have .

1) Understanding Marketing Fundamentals 

Digital Marketers must understand the entire customer journey, know how to conduct market research and be adept at creating buyer personas – identifying the consumer is the single most important skill.

2) Knowing when and how to implement organic and paid advertising channels

There are plethora of paid marketing channels such as Paid Search, Display Ads, Retargeting, Social Ads, Paid Content Discovery, Video Ads and more. The second set of channels are organic which are free. Organic Search, Content, Social Media and PR etc. There are many variables that go into determining which advertising channel will be the right fit for a particular campaign. Every situation is unique therefore an experienced marketer will carefully evaluate the options.

3) Commercial Awareness

Understanding ROI is fundamental and is vital to ensuring marketing endeavours generate additional revenue and not sunk costs. It is the role of the Digital Marketer to determine which marketing channel will yield positive ROI’s.

4) Communication

Fundamentally all advertising is communicating something to it’s audience. The art of communicating a message clearly, in the language your consumer understands with a generous dose of persuasive language is what sets the amateur marketers from the pros.

5) Data is your best friend

Data is at the heart of everything. A good digital marketer will know which metrics are relevant and know how to translate what it means and gather insights for next actions.

7) A strong technical grasp

This is an area most marketers struggle with and are hampered as they don’t have the ability to for example create landing pages, edit HTML or configure an ad campaign and have to constantly rely on a “techie” for help.

8) Product knowledge

You can’t market something you don’t know about. The person handling your marketing should be somewhat of an expert, at the very minimum should be able to quickly communicate the product or services’s features, price and unique selling points.

9) Project management

You can’t get anything done if you’re not organised. A digital marketer will be attending meetings, interacting with partners, conducting research, launching campaigns, overlooking campaigns, reporting and more. A marketer should be proficient at organising his/her own time to ensure a timely project delivery.

10) Curiosity and passion

Digital marketing is evolving fast, things are changing all the time, what worked last year might not work the following year. Without passion, it will be tough for the average person to maintain the energy to keep on learning.

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