13 Free Marketing Tactics That I’ve Used to Grow Companies to Generate Thousands in Sales Per Month

You can spend a lot of money on marketing and do it fast, or you can be frugal and grow your business organically using these free tactics that I’ve used to help many startups. To be clear, I’m not saying you don’t need to spend any money at all, at some point you will need to increase your sales velocity and may need to invest in paid advertising however these proven tactics, executed well, will build the initial exposure and generate positive ROI’s.

  1. Trade mentions with other companies and thought leaders. Companies with a similar number of followers will be more willing to cross promote.
  2. Respond to unanswered questions on Quora. Look for question that a lot of people are waiting for answers.
  3. Find a meetup.com group in your niche and ask the coordinator for a speaking gig.
  4. Create video content around your business and share it on social media.
  5. Use tools like ahrefs.com to see who links to your competitors. Outreach to those websites and ask for links.
  6. Send personalised emails to your existing customers asking for referrals. Always provide an incentive!
  7. Create an infographic for a trending topic within your niche and share it. A brilliantly executed infographic will be remembered and is more likely to be shared by your audience.
  8. Write a post about “Our company vs Our competitors” and keep it professional! This will get you appearing in search engines for reviews of your competitors. 
  9. Create “How-to” guides for something in your industry that’s usually difficult to understand.
  10. Depending on your niche, give-away your product to “relevant” social media influencers in exchange for a promotion.
  11. Start a drip email marketing campaign.
  12. Run a competition on social media to attract followers. The goal is building an audience you can market to.
  13. Finally, join Facebook groups pertaining to your niche and add real value.

If you would like more information on how to execute these tactics in more details, send me a message here and I’ll happily send you a guide.

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