Shopify vs Wix – Which one is right for you in 2019

Choosing the wrong ecommerce website platform will cost you time, waste money, energy and resources. It’s great to have so many platforms to choose from because it means everybody in that space will be working hard to differentiate themselves, and at the end, the consumer wins by getting a better product. ...

How to Launch a Successful Shopify Store

Most online stores fail. They fail because they start off wrong. People enter the world of ecommerce with the myth that you can pick any product, design a beautiful website, upload images with your phone and people will automatically flock to the website and eagerly buy from you. Starting off ...
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Mamo has been in the Online Marketing space since 2005, has a background in Software Engineering, User Experience Design and has a deep understanding of the principles of Digital Marketing.

He founded his first company at age 17 and has been instrumental in launching over 300 website builds and executing 100’s of successful marketing campaigns generating millions in revenue.