How to Launch a Successful Shopify Store

Most online stores fail. They fail because they start off wrong.

People enter the world of ecommerce with the myth that you can pick any product, design a beautiful website, upload images with your phone and people will automatically flock to the website and eagerly buy from you.
Starting off with these fateful assumptions will almost certainly disappoint you very quickly.

Eventually, the owners of the store come to the realisation that nobodies buying and then are forced to heavily discount products and resort to desperate tactics such as creating emails or content almost begging people for a purchase. 

Usually, this doesn’t last long and the online store gets shut down and the founders are left feeling failed and miserable with a deep a hole in their pockets.

So how do you start a successful online Shopify store (or using any other e-commerce platform)?

  1. Don’t get obsessed with the “perfect” design at the start. Most importantly, the website should be functional, easy to navigate, the journey should be clear. You should be obsessed with SELLING.
  2. Create a buzz around the website before you even launch it. Your website should be poised for selling. Get the word out earlier on through social media, email lists, word of mouth etc to inform people your website is coming soon. There have been many examples of startups who’ve executed this strategy extremely well and profited from Day 1 of launch!
  3. Quality counts, you can’t fail on this. Reputation is everything online. Build or source high-quality products if you want to survive online. If you win at this, your customers will keep coming back or will become your advocates.
  4. Delivery exceptional customer service at all times every step of the way. The Amazon’s of the world have set the customer experience bar very high and you pretty much have no choice to follow suit.
  5. Test your product range. Be flexible with your product offering, test a couple of new products each month to see if they gain traction. If something is not working, leave it out and try something else until you find the right product. If something makes you money, try to expand it. You can even be direct and talk to your customers and ask them what they might be looking for in the future and plan your products accordingly.

Finally and most importantly, to truly build a successful online store you must conduct extensive product research. If you’d like a guide on how to properly conduct product research, click here to send me an email and I’ll send you a step by step guide.

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